First Kiss Your Mom... A Jennifer Garner Inspired Post

In preparation for Mother's Day, I wanted to share a little poem with you. But first, the backstory. 

Like the rest of her 6.1 million followers, I am enchanted by Jennifer Garner; as a mama, as a girl in her 40's, and as a human who likes food and wine and smiling. She's hilarious, relatable, adorable and all the wonderful things. But, I don't need to tell you that!

In September of 2018 she shared with us the sweetest words ever, written (I'm assuming) by one of her children. Here is the original post.

Jennifer Garner's IG Post (Sept. 18, 2018) 

I can only imagine that it was a school assignment, maybe learning about ordinal numbers, or maybe her little one just felt like putting out his truth. First, kiss your mom. Be still my heart.  ❤️

Yes, indeed! Whatever the reason, it inspired a little poem and I sat down and wrote it right on the spot. 

I thought it would be a great children's picture book so I sent it over to my oldest son who is graduating in just a few weeks with his BA in Illustration. Back in September, when I sent it, he told me I'd needed to wait until after graduation for him to be able to devote the time to illustrating it. Humph. Apparently, they make them do stuff in college. I'm looking forward to collaborating on this with my son. I hope he knows he's doing it for free. :)

Also, if by some stretch of the imagination this makes it to Jennifer Garner... Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for the inspiration! Would you maybe please like to write the foreword for the book?  My email is here.   😁 

So, here goes. I'm still tweaking some of the words but this is the original. 

First Kiss Your Mom
by Melanie Morse
(A Poem Inspired by Jennifer Garner's Instagram Post


FIRST, kiss your Mom.
Then kiss your dog.
Next kiss your frog.
And then kiss your hog.
Go kiss your bro.
And then try this!
Go kiss your toe.
Then go kiss your sis.
You can’t kiss the sky.
You can’t kiss outer space.
Do you think you can try,
to kiss your own face?
Now kiss your shirt.
Go kiss your bird.
Go kiss some dirt.
Now kiss this WORD.
Next kiss your Gran.
And now kiss your Dad
Don’t kiss your van.
That would be bad.
You can’t kiss a fly.
You can’t kiss an earthquake.
You could kiss a pie.
And you could kiss a cake!
Blow a kiss to the sun.
Get a kiss from the snow.
Go kiss your Grandad.
Now kiss your elbow.
You can kiss while awake.
You can kiss in a dream.
Right now let’s go kiss
a big bowl of ice cream!
Go kiss your couch,
And your cat,
And your palm,
But always, yes always
FIRST kiss your mom!

©Melanie Morse 2019

The big question is- Would you buy this book for a little one in your life? What did you think? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

While I wait to produce this book with my son, you can always check out my Seymour & Hau books and join the Seymour & Hau Crew Only email list for fun stuff. Right now we are giving away a chapter-a-week of Seymour & Hau: IRELAND. Starts as soon as you sign up. 

Thank you for reading! Cheers to ALL the Mama's out there. (That includes aunties, cousins, friends, and any woman who choses to be a positive influence on a child you love. Sometimes it's not about giving birth but just about giving love.) You are AMAZING and AWESOME! We are together in our joy and our struggles. Happy Mother's Day!!

*Also, to my Mama- I love you. Happy Mother's Day. xoxoxoxox 

Me with my oldest. The one who graduates from college in two weeks. First kiss your mom.


  • This is wonderful! Great poem, great sentiment and great fun (I tried to kiss my elbow)😗😙😚

    Marianne Honan
  • This is wonderful! Great poem, great sentiment and great fun (I tried to kiss my elbow).😗😙😚

    Marianne Honan
  • I love the poem. It is cute and funny and brings back all those memories of my little girl ( that being you) writing me poems for my birthday, and Mother’s Day. You are truly amazing, and I am so proud😁. Happy Mother’s Day to you my girl. ❤️ Mom! P.S. don’t forget the jacuzzi in you room at the home! 😅lol


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