Hau's TOP 10 REASONS why Masks are COOL!

Hau made a list of ten reasons he thinks wearing a mask is SO COOL! Of course, most of them relate to food! Oh, Hau! 

  1. No one can tell if you have food in your teeth.
  2. No one can tell if you have food on your face.
  3. No one can tell if you have boogers in your nose!
  4. You can always smell the food you just ate. Yum!
  5. You can hide a little snack inside your mask, for later.
  6. You can always be smiling and no one asks you if you’re up to something. 
  7. You don’t have to worry about getting a bug in your mouth anymore! 
  8. You can make fart noises and no one can tell who did it. (Bonus-you can actually fart and no one can smell it if they have a mask on! Well, at least not as much.) 
  9. It’s good practice for if you want to be a doctor or a nurse someday.
  10. It protects the people all around you- what’s better than that! 

CHALLENGE! Can you think of any more fun reasons to wear a mask? Send us a photo wearing your favorite mask and your favorite reason to wear one! If we feature you a Seymour & Hau social media post we will send you a free patch! Email us at  info@seymourandhau.com.

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