What's on Your Closet Door?

One fact about me is that I have three kids. Three wonderful kids that are growing up on me faster than I'd like. My oldest son is away in college now but his room remains the same for when he comes home on breaks. All of his posters are still up (Gorillaz, The Beatles, The Cure, Beastie Boys) and his closet door still has a Miranda Cosgrove poster from the iCarly days, along with some photos of his friends, random drawings and even some crayon scrawls left over from when he was little, which upset me at the time but I wouldn't cover over them now for any reason. (I may even take the door with me when I move someday.)

Making your bedroom your own is important. You fill it with your energy, things that make you feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed. A place where you can recharge. 

When we found out that there was a "National Clean Up Your Bedroom Day" (May 10th). My first thought was..."What kind of garbage national day is that!" Ha! But, there is something to cleaning up your space and right now with the popularity of Tidying Up and The Home Edit, it seems to be speaking to a lot of people.  Marie Mondo's expert advice on KonMari can be found here, if you're into that. AND we have recently found a great new DIY site called Happy DIY Home with even more great advice which can be found here. 

But this post is not really about cleaning your bedroom. It's really just about taking a peek into your child's world and observing what they are doing with their space when given free rein to make it their own. Go take a look- I bet that sparks some joy for you. 

Here's a printable of Seymour's closet for you to use and share. It's not just for coloring! What would you put on the door? What would you have inside? Add a clothes bar if you want, or a shelf, or draw all over the walls! It's up to you and the little people in your life. Make it your own. 

Send us some photos of the final products! We'd love to see. info@seymourandhau.com



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