• Meet Taymir

    Time to meet our pal from Morocco!
  • Meet Rosanna

    What do you have in common with Rosanna? Let's check!
  • Meet Seymour

    Ever wonder what Seymour's favorite animal is? Or what he wishes his middle name was? Check it out!
  • Meet Hau

    Let's learn a little more about our good buddy, Hau, and what some of his favorite things are. I bet you can guess from just looking at his photo...
  • Cooking with Hau: MOROCCO

    In this months "Cooking with Hau"... Hau gives you an interesting explanation on how to make a yummy Moroccan Orange Salad. Will you follow all the steps exactly?
  • Our Pals in Marrakech

    We met two new pals at the Djemma El Fna while visiting Marrakech, Morocco.  They were selling beautiful shiny tea pots and pretty colored glasses...
  • Playing Piano for Elephants

    Photo credit: Paul Barton/You Tube

    How about this amazing man who plays piano for elephants!

  • Your Turn to Draw!

    Now it's time for you to show us what you can do!

    While researching for Seymour & Hau: IRELAND, we stumbled upon the most amazing place. Here is our story.
  • Penguin Love

    Photo credit: Ciências Biológicas - Fundação Santo André

    We just read an AWESOME story about a penguin who returns to visit his pal every year near Rio de Janeiro. This story will make your heart SMILE!


    Everything has it's own story and how we found our illustrators is a pretty good one!