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Malzard's Pub

August 18, 2018

Malzard's Pub

In an incredibly quaint little town called Stoneyford, not too far from Kilkenny lives a perfect pub.  It’s name is Malzard’s Pub. Owned and operated by Fred Malzard and his family, for seven generations, you are treated to a welcoming atmosphere and by the time you leave you feel like family. 

Before arriving in Ireland we had searched for places to learn about hurling, and Malzard’s Pub came up as a place with expert information.  We decided that learning about hurling while at a pub seemed optimal so upon arriving in Dublin, we set a course for Malzard’s Pub.  It was about an hour and a half drive so we also decided to stay a few nights in the area and chose a B&B called Lawcus Farm. (Lawcus Farm is a magical place and will be highlighted in our next news story.)

We arrived at Malzard’s late in the evening, sat down and ordered, what else but a Guinness!  We chatted with Fred for quite a while and he shared his vast knowledge of hurling history, along with some stories from his own hurling days.  It was at Malzards that we began our research for Seymour & Hau: IRELAND.  Although we learned most of what we needed to know about hurling that first night, we found ourselves going back twice more just to hang out with Fred and the rest of the patrons at the bar, who were never short on stories, laughter and friendship.

Malzard’s is rich in its own history from the architecture, to the photos and memorabilia, to the wooden bar itself.  While they don’t serve food, you can order from a local restaurant who will deliver directly to the pub and Fred will set you up with plates, utensils and a jar of Aromat All-Purpose Seasoning which, we learned, makes everything taste even better. We were also taught how to pull our own pint of Guinness. 

Because of our instant affection for Malzard’s Pub we had decided even before leaving that we would name one our characters Fred, and were also granted permission to use one of Fred’s daughter’s names as one of our lead characters, Róisín. 

We can’t wait to share Seymour & Hau:IRELAND with Malzard’s Pub and we hope to do it in person, over a perfectly poured pint, with Fred and the folks in Stoneyford. If you find yourself in Ireland, you must not miss a chance to stop in!!