Kids-to-Kids & Kids-to-the-World

 We have a seriously fun program for your students that will keep them engaged, educated, entertained and laughing all the way around the world!

 This presentation is best suited for grades K-5 however; all of 
our presentations can be customized to fit any grade level.

Seymour & Hau are energetic characters whose goal is to help kids in need. Each book takes place in a different country where our pals help a local kid solve their problem. During each adventure, Seymour & Hau learn that, while their cultures and circumstances may be different from the kids they meet, they have lots of things in common.


This is an action packed author visit where we do activities with the students that connect kids from around the world with sports, music, family, friends, school, leisure activities, games, movies, and more, bringing openness and perspective to cultures they may be unfamiliar with.

Each program is specific to the book we are presenting.

Our Seymour & Hau: Morocco program brings awareness to the culture and traditions of the country of Morocco and the city of Marrakech.

The students will have an interactive experience and learn about: Languages spoken, Moroccan Currency, Foods, Traditions, Clothing, Goods, Geography, Craftsmanship, Indigenous Animals, Local Industries, and more...

After the program the children will be awarded an ID card designating them a Little Global Citizen. They will have the opportunity to have a Morocco stamp on their card. 

*Seymour & Hau: Ireland program is AVAILABLE NOW!

*Seymour & Hau: Italy program is AVAILABLE NOW!



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