What it Takes to Write a Book

 This presentation is best suited for grades 4-8 however; all of our presentations can be customized to fit any grade level. A writer's workshop can be included if time allows! 

Our "What it Takes to Write a Book" presentation is full of visually rich materials, group participation, interactive multimedia, and cool, authentic examples of Seymour & Hau's development; from soup to nuts.  (Don’t tell Hau about that expression.)   

 Some of the presentation topics include: 

•  How It All Began

The authors tell their story of how the idea of Seymour & Hau came to be.

•  To Write a Story You Have to Start 

The authors share old notes and brainstorming sessions.

•  The Research Room 

Authors talk about the research they did before and while writing the book.

•  Character Development (in writing)

A lot of work goes into the attitudes of the characters.  The authors discuss their process of character development. 

•  Character Development (in illustration)

The authors will show the very first sketches of Seymour & Hau, and discuss how they got to be the dudes they are now.

•  Time to Get Writing

The authors will tell the students how they completed the first draft of The Adventures of Seymour & Hau: Morocco!


Discussions of the editing process of Seymour & Hau.

•  Rejection is FUN!

The authors share their experience being rejected by various publishers and agents.

           *Resilience is defined, learned, and taken to heart 

•  Time to Get Rewriting

The authors share the importance of peer review.

After much feedback, it’s rewrite time.

•  Choosing an Illustrator

Authors will show the students different artist renditions of Seymour & Hau and how they decided who the illustrators would be. (This is a favorite for the students!)

•  Layout

Just when you think you’re all done… there’s one more step. (And then probably five more)

The art of laying out your book.

•  Publishing

The authors discuss their decision to self-publish and how they did it!

•  Q&A

Students will have an opportunity to ask the authors questions.


To book your adventure, contact our authors at info@seymourandhau.com