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School Visits Overview

Want a fun-filled visit from the authors of Seymour & Hau? Book them today!


The authors of Seymour & Hau are so happy to offer a few different programming

experiences for your students! All of our programs are energy charged, packed with fun,

and have the children walking away delighted and filled with new knowledge about

places and cultures around the world.


We have our K-5th program, which includes our Kids-to-Kids, and Kids-to-the World programs and our 4th-8th What it Takes to Write a Book presentation. All of our programs include extensive interaction with our buddies Seymour & Hau and the book series.

Kids-to-Kids is an activities-based program that connects your students to what kids in other countries are doing. Seymour & Hau get involved with the show, too, of course! Click here to read more about it!

Kids-to-the World is book-specific and highlights the book chosen by the school.  We are currently offering a program based on our book Seymour & Hau: MOROCCO. Click here to read more about it!

What it Takes to Write a Book is a fun-filled real life account of the steps we took to grow Seymour & Hau from an idea into a book. Click here to read more about it!

Presentation Fees
2 Presentations: $750
3 Presentations: $950
4 Presentations: $1200
2 Hour Book Signing Only: $500
2 Hour Book Signing with 30min Assembly: $800

Custom offerings available. Additional travel expenses required for locations beyond 50 miles of Buffalo, NY

Presentations can be up to 45-min long
Presentations tailored to age/grade level
Presentation for grades 6-8 are available and include a session on what it takes to write and publish a book
Participating teachers receive complimentary activities packets
Book Signing Included

 If you have any questions, or you're ready for your visit, please don't hesitate to call or email us!